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Gabriel Mecklenburg | Hinge Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Gabriel Mecklenburg, the co-founder and COO of Hinge Health, a musculoskeletal solution for employers and health plans. Hinge Health is pioneering the world’s most patient-centered digital hospital, starting with musculoskeletal health. Gabriel brings a unique perspective to the company because of his background in clinical research and because he, too,…

John Powers | Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions

In this episode, Michael introduces John Powers, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS). AMPS provides market-leading healthcare cost containment services for self-funded employers, public entities, municipalities, labor unions, brokers, consultants, TPAs, payers, reinsurers, and HMOs. John is widely known as one of the most successful fraud investigators…

Shane Foss | Hooray Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Shane Foss, the founder and CEO of Hooray Health. Hooray Health leverages an Urgent Care and Retail Clinic National Provider Network built for Individual and Group limited medical insurance plans. Shane has over twenty years of tenure as an executive in the medical industry and it was through this work…

Dr. Neil Leibowitz | Talkspace

In this episode, Michael introduces Dr. Neil Leibowitz, a psychiatrist, attorney, and the chief medical officer at Talkspace Online Therapy. Talkspace is a technology company whose aim is to expand access to mental healthcare. Dr. Leibowitz has an impressive educational and professional background and spent a good deal of time working with larger healthcare organizations. Through his experience, Dr. Leibowitz ultimately concluded that the smaller companies doing interesting things were the ones that would truly change the game, which is why he was drawn to Talkspace.

Andy Reeves | OptiMed Health Partners

In this episode, Michael introduces you to Andy Reeves, the Co-owner and CEO of OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy. Join us as we discuss how OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is bringing transparency to the market and helping employers circumvent traditional specialty pharmacy distribution channels to lower costs.