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Dr. Simon Mathews | Vivante Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Dr. Simon Mathews, a distinguished researcher, clinician, author, and Chief Medical Officer at Vivante Health. He is also a practicing gastroenterologist at the John Hopkins School of Medicine and the Head of Clinical Innovation at John Hopkin’s Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and Quality.

Dawn Cornelis | ClaimInformatics

In this episode, Michael introduces Dawn Cornelis, the co-founder and Chief Transparency Officer of ClaimInformatics. ClaimInformatics is a payment integrity solution that helps its clients identify improper healthcare claim payments and recoup the money for the employer.

Jim Wachtel | Renalogic

In this episode, Michael introduces Jim Wachtel, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Renalogic. Renalogic is dedicated to helping employers manage kidney disease in their employee population and reducing dialysis costs with preventive programs and pricing solutions.

Dr. Cristin Dickerson | Green Imaging

In this episode, Michael introduces Dr. Cristin Dickerson, a founding partner at Green Imaging, a full-service virtual medical imaging network owned and operated by board-certified radiologists. Dr. Dickerson founded Green Imaging to provide affordable, high-quality medical imaging for uninsured and high-deductible patients across the U.S. While she was working for a radiology group in Houston,…

A.J. Loiacono | Capital Rx

In this episode, Michael introduces A.J. Loiacono, the CEO at Capital Rx, a pharmacy benefit manager seeking to create the first efficient and transparent marketplace for prescription prices and ultimately reduce prescription costs for employer groups.  A.J. has over 20 years of experience in pharmacy benefits, finance, and software development. Although he never thought he’d…