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Rob Graybill | Vitals SmartShopper


  • Cost and Quality Transparency tool
  • Healthcare Consumer Engagement
  • Network Steerage
  • Consumer Cash Rewards
  • Shared Savings
  • Aligned Incentives
  • Concierge Service

In this episode, Michael introduces you to Rob Graybill,  the Vice President of Product and Sales Strategy for Vitals SmartShopper. Join us as we discuss the Vitals SmartShopper product,  an incentive and engagement program designed to empower employees to make more informed and cost effective healthcare decisions.


Here’s a glance at what we discuss in this episode:

  • Rob Graybill’s 15 years of experience in healthcare and his role as one of the creators of the Vitals SmartShopper program
  • How Vitals SmartShopper’s incentive driven healthcare redirection program rewards employees with cash when they shop for and select lower-cost, high-quality facilities for treatments and procedures
  • What services can be “shopped” for in the SmartShopper program
  • How Vitals Smartshopper determines the $$ incentive reward to pay employees when they select a lower cost provider option
  • What percentage of an employer population will shop for services given proper incentives
  • How Vitals SmartShopper’s personal concierge model generates better results than other mobile/digital only cost transparency tools
  • How Vitals SmartShopper partners with employers to create communication and engagement strategies that drive to a 5:1 ROI
  • How claims data is used to deliver targeted messaging to employees to bring awareness of cost saving opportunities
  • How “quality” is integrated into the shopping process for a consumer
  • The fee structure model and how Vitals Smartshopper will offer both a PEPM model and a shared savings model
  • The detailed reporting provided by Vitals Smartshopper to identify opportunities where additional savings can be realized and future communication efforts should be focused
  • How Vitals SmartShopper drives pricing competition  within the provider community to  attract consumers
  • Vitals SmartShopper’s website:

About the Host, Michael Menerey

Michael Menerey is a Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with one of the largest Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting firms in the country. He is a partner in the Employee Benefits Practice and works in the Los Angeles office.

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