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Dr. Gus Crothers | Grand Rounds


  • Population Health
  • Misaligned Incentives
  • Expert Medical Opinions
  • Treatment Decision Support
  • Evidence-Based Outcomes
  • Concierge Services
  • Health Advocate
  • Consumer experience


In this episode, Michael introduces you to Dr. Gus Crothers, Medical Director of Clinical Personnel of Grand Rounds. Join us as we discuss how Grand Rounds provides employees and their families with expert second opinions and the technology, information and concierge support they need to find the highest quality physicians and most appropriate care for their specific conditions.

Here’s a glance at what we discuss in this episode:

  • Dr. Crothers’ medical background, and why he joined Grand Rounds as the Medical Director of Clinical Personnel
  • How misaligned incentives within our health system lead to the treatment of symptoms rather than the root cause of the illness
  • How waste is actually built into the healthcare system and patients are not armed to be good healthcare consumers
  • The unique story of how Grand Rounds was founded and the access to care the organization provides to employees
  • How Grand Rounds’ implemented and digitized an “Expert Medical Opinions” service that made the process of getting a second opinion easy for the consumer
  • The number of Expert Medical Opinions that result in a change of treatment plan or diagnosis for the patient and how that results in savings to a health plan
  • Specific criteria that Grand Rounds uses to identify physicians to participate in their Expert Medical Opinion panel  
  • The importance of quality of care on cost and how Grand Rounds is helping patients identify high-quality physician and facilities for their specific ailments
  • How referral patterns and practices of most physicians fail to take quality into consideration
  • How Grand Rounds created the “Office Visit” service that uses data and quality measures to identify the best physicians and provides a concierge service to patients
  • The Grand Rounds “Clinical Guide”, a treatment decision support service that is lead by a dedicated care team that includes a care coordinator, record specialist, and a staff physician to guide the employee through this process
  • Why Grand Rounds’ net promoter score reflects their successful service model
  • The specific qualities and services that set Grand Rounds apart from other expert opinion and advocacy vendors  
  • Who Grand Rounds is a good fit for and their fee structure
  • Grand Round’s website and contact information:

About the Host, Michael Menerey

Michael Menerey is a Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with one of the largest Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting firms in the country. He is a partner in the Employee Benefits Practice and works in the Los Angeles office.

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