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Justin Leader | Highlight Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Justin Leader, the CMO of Highlight Health and a self-funded benefits and risk advisor. Early in his career, Justin learned about the major shortcomings of the healthcare and health insurance industry and how it is built for profitability, not value. When he met Josh Spivak, the CEO of Highlight Health, they saw an opportunity to build a better solution for an underserved segment of the population.

Doug Aldeen | ERISA Attorney

In this episode, Michael introduces Doug Aldeen, a healthcare and ERISA attorney. He has represented reference-based pricing organizations, PPO networks, medium to small self-funded plans, TPA’s and provider sponsored HMO’s in various capacities.

Mike Poelman | Apta Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Mike Poelman, the founder and president of Apta Health. Although Mike started his career as an accountant and controller, he quickly realized that he was a salesman at heart so he shifted into the TPA world working on self-funded health plans. This is where he realized that things needed to be done differently. Mike saw that lack of transparency and collusion were the biggest problems in the industry, and legacy solutions simply weren’t designed to provide employers what they needed, which is what inspired him to create a number of companies, including Apta Health.

Dr. Simon Mathews | Vivante Health

In this episode, Michael introduces Dr. Simon Mathews, a distinguished researcher, clinician, author, and Chief Medical Officer at Vivante Health. He is also a practicing gastroenterologist at the John Hopkins School of Medicine and the Head of Clinical Innovation at John Hopkin’s Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and Quality.

Dawn Cornelis | ClaimInformatics

In this episode, Michael introduces Dawn Cornelis, the co-founder and Chief Transparency Officer of ClaimInformatics. ClaimInformatics is a payment integrity solution that helps its clients identify improper healthcare claim payments and recoup the money for the employer.