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About The Podcast

Its time for a new perspective2

Traditional Health Insurance is a game you're guaranteed to lose. 

Family contributions to health insurance premiums have increased by 221% over the last 16 years and we can expect the same results in the future if we continue to employ the same old "traditional" strategies offered by insurance carriers as they don't address the inefficiencies and perverse incentives that naturally drive costs higher.

If you want better results, then you need a different approach. 

We are at a unique point in time where technology, capital and innovation all seem to be converging upon a healthcare industry that has been resistant to change and successful at keeping new entrants at bay.  This momentum is evident in the abundance of entrepreneurs who are focused on fixing one of society’s biggest challenges…rising healthcare costs that continue to erode employer budgets, our disposable income and our standard of living.    And yet, inertia and a bias for the status quo is a strong obstacle for meaningful change.  Many employers have become numb to the annual healthcare increases they must bear (or pass on to their employees) and traditional insurance models and provider payment structures can be a barrier to progress.

Reconstructing Healthcare is a podcast series that explores what is wrong with the current health care system in the US, examines what drives higher healthcare costs and exposes deficiencies in traditional insurance products. Join us as we interview companies and entrepreneurs that are providing innovative services and solutions designed to not only disrupt the health insurance marketplace but deliver lower costs and better value for your employees.

Better results are possible.   Listen in, explore our free resources, question current methods and when you’re ready, take steps to reconstruct your own health plan with what you've learned.



About the Host

Michael Menerey is a Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with one of the largest Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting firms in the country.  Michael enjoys collaborating with his clients to challenge the status quo approach to benefits and is constantly evaluating new products, vendors and strategies that can drive lower costs and create value for employers, employees, and their dependents.

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