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Robbie Cape | 98point6


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In this episode, Michael introduces you to Robbie Cape, CEO, and Co-Founder of 98point6. Join us as we discuss how 98point6 is seeking to tackle the primary care crisis by removing barriers and offering a people friendly and cost-effective platform to increase access to primary care.

Here’s a glance at what we discuss in this episode:

  • Robbie’s extensive experience in consumer technology businesses and products and what led him to co-found 98point6
  • The current state of primary care and the challenges providers experience within the traditional environment
  • By 2020 there will be a shortage of 20,000 primary care physicians in the United States
  • How a genuine relationship with a primary care provider can lower the incidence of premature death and provide a lifetime savings of 33% per individual healthcare cost
  • Why some healthcare innovation is going in the wrong direction and are leading to a more transactional healthcare experience without a relationship with primary care
  • Factors that lead to primary care providers’ low job satisfaction and/or consider leaving their practice
  • How 98point6 seeks to remove barriers so that everyone can have access to quality primary care through their virtual clinic platform
  • The differences between 98point6 virtual primary care compared to a traditional telemedicine and other “sickness services”
  • The way 98point6 designs an experience that ensures the highest levels of quality with regard to the care they deliver and why having full-time, W-2 providers is an important quality component of 98point6
  • How 98point6 utilizes artificial intelligence to enable their provider’s efficiency by allowing them to focus 100% of their time with the patient during the clinical encounter
  • 98point6 is determined to build the connective tissue between service and patient relationships through technology
  • Consumers engage with 98point6 through a mobile application, secure text messaging, phone conversations and videos
  • The medical encounter begins immediately with an automated assistant and within 2 minutes, a physician joins the chat
  • Consumer feedback on 98point6 and their NPS scores  
  • The 98point6 pricing model and who they are a good fit for
  • Robbie is most excited about the recent launch of their pediatric services, making all services available 24/7 365 days a year

About the Host, Michael Menerey

Michael Menerey is a Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with one of the largest Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting firms in the country. He is a partner in the Employee Benefits Practice and works in the Los Angeles office.

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